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Is he really still 'here?'

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Am I gullible? Or does my heart just believe in possibility?

On November 20, 2020, exactly twenty days after my dad had passed, I noticed a promotional email in my inbox for a Thanksgiving Mediumship Gallery Reading that night. I was always curious but highly skeptical of mediumship. Now weeks into my dad's passing, I thought, why not? What an interesting time to notice this promotional email. I had been having some interesting experiences after my dad's death, but it was hard to believe it could be 'real,' no matter how convincing. I signed up and didn't tell anyone about it. This is stuff gullible people do, right? I headed to my parent's house where I knew I could be alone. I would participate in the reading in the living room where my dad passed away, without any interruptions and no one knowing I was there.

Three mediums hosted the gallery reading, each having their turn to share evidence and messages of those in spirit to those of us in attendance. My dad appeared right away and described to the medium his personality and aspects of his life. He also talked of regrets he had about some past actions and how he could see the impacts on me as an adult. "I was a jackass," he told the medium. The message he had for me was clear. "I'm going to make it up to you in my own way," he said.

As the second medium began, she stated, "there is a man here of average height and a broad chest who is symbolically knocking down walls with strength. He's telling me he was already here with messages, but he still has more to say." The audience remained quiet, including myself, but in my heart I knew it was my dad who had returned. She then went on to describe exactly the photo of him at the top of this post, down to every color of his outfit and sunglasses, and even the combination of gray hair and baldness. This picture was not posted anywhere on the internet, was not in his obituary, and I had just been telling my mom again and again in the last week that it was my very favorite photo of Dad. I was staring at this photo in my mom's living room as the medium described it, however, it was nowhere in sight of the computer's camera, nor near it. I now knew without a doubt that the man that had returned for more messages was Dad. The tears welled up in my eyes. He spoke more of love and appreciation, and told me, "Stand tall and speak your truth. I'll be right here standing behind you, supporting you." The medium then said, "he has a final piece of evidence for you. I'm seeing a banana and music notes. It must have special meaning to you." Well did the tears really start flowing then.

"Aba daba daba daba daba daba daba Said the monkey to the chimp..."

This chorus from the song, "Aba Daba Honeymoon" was something my dad periodically sang to me my whole life and was the last thing he said to me before losing complete consciousness and passing away. I wouldn't have wanted this mediumship gallery reading to end any other way.

As I closed my computer and cried hard with gratitude, I wondered to myself, "what does Dad mean he's going to make it up to me in his own way? I don't need anything. It's not more money or a better job or a house I would want from him. What could he possibly do?"

Back at home, I went to bed that evening peacefully. Yet, all night long, I was being woken up as if someone was physically waking me up, yet no one was there. Frequently throughout the night I felt as though I was being shook ever so briefly awake. I write this with a smile now, as I didn't understand it then, but the spiritual awakening had begun.

Nature's Way is beautiful. Read on to be inspired by the journey. The way is through the heart.

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About my Nature's Way journey 


On Nov 1, 2020, my dad moved from this world to the next. He was a fun-loving man who always could have a good laugh under any circumstance (he laughed his way through his final days), an avid outdoorsman and lover of nature, and he was known for his physical strength and bravery, not to mention his voice. He was my perfectly imperfect Dad. In a way, his death was a two year journey experienced together that continues. Twelve hours before my dad passed away, I experienced an inexplicable force of nature while holding his hand. 

After he passed, Dad began to use nature to open me up to a greater reality, helped me to understand my true nature, and is leading me to walk through life filled with love, joy, and peace, unafraid to speak my truth.

I like to say that Dad was led home, and me open. Open to Divine love, full presence to life, and connecting to those in the world just beyond ours. From beyond the veil, my dad has led me on a completely unexpected transformational journey to my inner Light, and I share that journey here.


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