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Amber Kasic

Self, Soul, Spirit

I believe in Love, Nature, & Possibility

I have a coffee mug that says, "she led a life of endless possibilities." It perfectly describes where I am - in a place of curiosity and calm as I allow the Divine to nudge my heart's way forward on this new path of spiritual seeking.

I am a teacher, educational consultant, wife, mom, and now, evidential medium. I believe these are all just labels. Some of our labels may be the natural direction of our souls. For me, that is teacher and bridge builder.


But what is the truth about us all? We are beings of spirit having a human experience, each one of us equally worthy to any other, as you already are.

Nov 1, 2020, my father, Frank Kasic, passed away from cancer. Nature's Way led him home, and me open. By providing me with clear evidence, signs, and physical events with no other possible explanation, my ability to connect with him and others in spirit is undeniable. He opened me up to this path and you can read about that journey on this site, begin your own, or connect and receive love from those living beyond our visible sight through my mediumship reading offering.


Love lives on, and within!

Choose your Nature's Way journey.

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