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This is my dad and I in a photo we took together about ten days before he died. I could have never imagined to unexpectedly discover the ability of mediumship and that I would be offering to you connections of love, hope, and possibility with loved ones in spirit. I hope to offer you the same experience of wonder and love that I've encountered over and over in the since my dad's passing. Nature's Way is beautiful.


Look inside the heart
for it is there you will find
a depth of love blinding as sunshine.

Rays of hope
emanating love and light
boundless time
endlessly thine.


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Nature's Way Mediumship

Self, Soul, Spirit

Mediumship Connection Stories

Mediumship Connection Stories
A literal Gift from Heaven, from Mom to Daughter.

A literal Gift from Heaven, from Mom to Daughter.

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Our Identifiable Essence in Spirit: How we “see” each other in the afterlife

Our Identifiable Essence in Spirit: How we “see” each other in the afterlife

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Support From Above: A Life Changing Mediumship Story

Support From Above: A Life Changing Mediumship Story

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Stories of Divine Intervention- a Mediumship Miracle

Stories of Divine Intervention- a Mediumship Miracle

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What is an evidential mediumship reading?

A time of connection between those living in the present with their loved ones in spirit. During the connection, the person in spirit will provide the medium with evidence of their life and relationship with you. Following evidence, the loved one in spirit shares messages of importance that they want to relay to their loved one. These are often messages of gratitude, apologies, and help for life's journey.

How is this possible?

I wonder this all the time! This is what I think- the law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be destroyed, only converted from one form of energy to another. We are energy, housed in a body and we can learn to use that energy to connect to aspects of reality beyond the observable senses. Science is still discovering the nature of consciousness! Mediumship doesn’t have to detract from any values and beliefs found in religion, or science. If God is Love and Love is the most powerful force in the universe, then anything is possible, no? If we are making new discoveries about the nature of reality and our consciousness as the years progress, then anything is possible, no? That’s my perspective anyway.

Interested in a peer reviewed, quintuple-blind study on mediums? Read it here.
 More peer reviewed professional journal articles on consciousness, mediumship, and after death communication are linked here. This helped me understand my experiences when they first began after my father's death.

How does this work for the medium?

Once I quiet my mind and follow my personal connection process, I can sense a presence that is either male or female with impressions of their relationship with you (mother, father, child, etc). I then allow the spirit to ‘tell their story,’ by showing me images and providing me with sensations about who they are and their life on Earth. The information received can range from their circumstances of death, to their personality, to jewelry they always wore, to oddities they ate, to memories they share with you, to activities they often did, and more. The goal is always evidence that I could have never googled, meaning, confidence building for you that it is something I could have never possibly known unless your loved one in spirit truly shared it with me. Always mixed in with or after evidence, the loved one in spirit gives messages for their loved one.

How does this work for you?

It works with joy and love! Be joyous for the possibility of the connection, and with remembrance of the love that you have for those in your life no longer with you in this plane on Earth, we are surely to experience all of the above together. During the reading, I’ll relay the impressions I’m getting and ask you only to say “yes,” “no” or “maybe” as I receive information and we come to know who is present in the connection. Once we’ve established that connection, then we can elaborate some on the evidence that comes through. It’s super special! My one ask of you: Can you be open-minded? A healthy dose of skepticism is good, but feeling absolutely sure that mediumship is total trickery will shut down your energy and close you off to a connection with your loved one. Come with an open heart and excitement that anything is possible with LOVE, and then let the evidence speak for itself.

How long is a reading and how will we meet?

We can meet via zoom, phone, or most other virtual platforms if that is more comfortable for you. I don’t have a hard time limit on the reading. I remain in the connection as long as needed for any and all connections to come through and feel complete. In my experience thus far, that has been anywhere from 45 mins to 1.5 hours. Plan space in your schedule for a little over an hour. This will also allow time for a bit of questions, if you have any.

What else should I know?

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Thanks for submitting!

Honesty and integrity are the values most important to me when providing readings. If we feel that we did not have a strong connection with your loved one, there would be no charge/donation. I don't even gather payment information until AFTER a session. My own health and energy matter in the connection, as does your presence in the moment and openness to possibilities. And sometimes, those in spirit have a bigger picture than do we. I have a throw pillow that says, "keep room in your heart for the unimaginable." If that resonates with you, then this is for you.

What's the cost?

$111, but I also offer a sliding scale and donated sessions. My dad in spirit helps me with these connections and he made his way to heaven on 11-1. However, I believe the service of this ability to you is more important that the charge, so please let me know if this isn't affordable for you and we can make other arrangements. 

A ‘gift from heaven’ as shown to me during the mediumship connection is included and can be mailed to your residence with your permission (shipping is on me). I allow spirit to guide me to the perfect gift for you and they often provide that gift during the reading. Likely, you will know what this is before our time concludes as I pick things up throughout the week as I feel called to do so. How fun is that?!? It's like magic! Check out this video to see how it all got started with gifts from my dad.


I am grateful to be able to offer this gift of love and connection (a mediumship reading) to you! Please fill out the contact form below, include your time zone and general times of availability in your time zone. I will contact you within 24 hours to coordinate.

"You surpassed my expectations by truly capturing my mom's essence and presence. I know I've just had a connection with her and the relationship feels deepened. You have the power to heal."

Jill, UK

Gifts for Grief: A Spiritual Care Package

Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 4.24.47 PM.png

Might you or a loved one appreciate a care package of spiritual nourishment during the grieving process? The Spiritual Care Package offers tools to assist yourself or a loved one through the process of grieving. The healing energy of these carefully chosen items will help you move from "grief to grace." 

To learn about Angela Craig, creator of Spiritual Care Package, and explore her gift, visit her website,

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