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Home for Christmas

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Dad’s home on Christmas.

It was Christmas Day and we were having family at our house. I was busy cooking, waiting for my mom and others to arrive and I quick remembered, oh no! My mom gave me food a week prior that I never ate (oops- sorry Mom)! I rushed to dump it down the drain and throw it away before she would arrive and see that her food had gone to waste. As I’m grabbing it from the fridge, I hear Dad in my ear say “she’s already here honey.” I actually was afraid he meant up ‘there,’ with him! I debated about texting her to just make sure she was alive (lol) and also to see when she would get here, but didn’t want to have her texting if she was driving. As I’m thinking about whether or not to call, I hear Dad again say, “I told you, she’s already here.” And five seconds later, Mom walks in the door. She was in the driveway sitting in her car the whole time! I was back in the kitchen without any view of the front of the house. Dad was laughing away in my ear. He tried to warn me that I didn’t actually have time to throw away Mom’s food, lol.

Late in the evening, after all had gone to sleep, I cozied up on the couch in front of our beautiful Christmas tree with the intention of connecting with Dad in meditation. I saw him in a Christmas sweater he would often wear and he said, “Come here and give me a big Christmas hug.” I visualize this and then I have the sense he’s sitting next to me on the couch. He asks me to admire the tree with him, and then says to me that his favorite ornament is the red door. I had bought it as my ornament of the year in 2018 to symbolize new doors opening. After asking me what my favorite ornament is, I share through my mind that it’s the angel that says, “All things are possible for those who believe.” How fitting. New doors sure are opening again, for both my Dad and I.

Nature's Way is beautiful. Read on and be inspired by the journey. The way is through the heart.

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About my Nature's Way journey 


On Nov 1, 2020, my dad moved from this world to the next. He was a fun-loving man who always could have a good laugh under any circumstance (he laughed his way through his final days), an avid outdoorsman and lover of nature, and he was known for his physical strength and bravery, not to mention his voice. He was my perfectly imperfect Dad. In a way, his death was a two year journey experienced together that continues. Twelve hours before my dad passed away, I experienced an inexplicable force of nature while holding his hand. 

After he passed, Dad began to use nature to open me up to a greater reality, helped me to understand my true nature, and is leading me to walk through life filled with love, joy, and peace, unafraid to speak my truth.

I like to say that Dad was led home, and me open. Open to Divine love, full presence to life, and connecting to those in the world just beyond ours. From beyond the veil, my dad has led me on a completely unexpected transformational journey to my inner Light, and I share that journey here.


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