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There’s Beauty in the Mud

The process of transformation of the soul is messy.

It requires first getting stuck in the mud and muck. Where are we now? March: a month in between winter and spring, full of mud and muck and brown everything. Maybe you’re like me and feeling like your whole self is the month of March – in between identities, or states of being, or in between the old and the new. Maybe a part of you is broken, but you know what lies underneath remains strong. What signs, or spots of brightness might lead you on the path to brighter days?

What parts of us must be shed in order to grow? What must be uprooted like a tree, made visible to your heart?

Dad has taught me that there is life and hidden beauty to behold in the mud and muck; it might just mean you have to be like the swan that you already are and stick your head down into that mud to discover your joy. Transformation isn’t always easy, but spring and new life will always be on the horizon. It’s our soul’s job to bring the life and joy home.



There is beauty in the mud and muck.

Dive into the muck without fear.

What lies underneath, just waiting to be brought to the surface?

Broken but strong; all that you need for your sustenance is there.

What must be uprooted and made visible to your heart?

Shedding the old and making way for the new.

What are the signs pointing you toward your personal path?

Brightness is there if you look for it.


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About my Nature's Way journey 


On Nov 1, 2020, my dad moved from this world to the next. He was a fun-loving man who always could have a good laugh under any circumstance (he laughed his way through his final days), an avid outdoorsman and lover of nature, and he was known for his physical strength and bravery, not to mention his voice. He was my perfectly imperfect Dad. In a way, his death was a two year journey experienced together that continues. Twelve hours before my dad passed away, I experienced an inexplicable force of nature while holding his hand. 

After he passed, Dad began to use nature to open me up to a greater reality, helped me to understand my true nature, and is leading me to walk through life filled with love, joy, and peace, unafraid to speak my truth.

I like to say that Dad was led home, and me open. Open to Divine love, full presence to life, and connecting to those in the world just beyond ours. From beyond the veil, my dad has led me on a completely unexpected transformational journey to my inner Light, and I share that journey here.


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