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Undeniable, physical proof

As a joke one afternoon in passing, Mom suggests I ask Dad to tell me where his keys are, as Mom hasn't been able to find them. That evening in meditation, I did indeed ask Dad where his keys are. I saw it as a type of experiment as to the extent of the proof of this communication. This is what I texted to my mom, in the moment, as I felt connected to Dad:

Within a few days, Mom called me. She indeed found my dad's keys in the back of one of his drawers, directly under his leather wallet. This is why I smelled the leather briefly. What's most interesting here is that I realized, once my mom found Dad's keys, that I had a part of his keys. And guess where they were! Under crumpled paper!

With this physical evidence of the proof of my communications with my dad, I felt that a stronger sense of trust was established. This is now just too undeniable. What would be next?

Read on and be inspired by the journey! Nature's Way is beautiful! The way is through the heart.

Open the Heart!

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About my Nature's Way journey 


On Nov 1, 2020, my dad moved from this world to the next. He was a fun-loving man who always could have a good laugh under any circumstance (he laughed his way through his final days), an avid outdoorsman and lover of nature, and he was known for his physical strength and bravery, not to mention his voice. He was my perfectly imperfect Dad. In a way, his death was a two year journey experienced together that continues. Twelve hours before my dad passed away, I experienced an inexplicable force of nature while holding his hand. 

After he passed, Dad began to use nature to open me up to a greater reality, helped me to understand my true nature, and is leading me to walk through life filled with love, joy, and peace, unafraid to speak my truth.

I like to say that Dad was led home, and me open. Open to Divine love, full presence to life, and connecting to those in the world just beyond ours. From beyond the veil, my dad has led me on a completely unexpected transformational journey to my inner Light, and I share that journey here.


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